Subfolder for website on Mac OS X

Subfolder for website on Mac OS X

I would like to run a local PHP (5.3) website on Mac OS X 10.6. I have PHP configured properly and can access a website using http://mymac.local/~me/index.html. I have this folder structure:

~me/Sites/index.html which points to http://mymac.local/~me/index.html ~me/Sites/mysite/home.html which doesn't work 

If I try http://mymac.local/~me/mysite/home.html, I'll get a forbidden error stating I don't have permission to access that file. If I put home.html in the Sites folder, I still get the error. Seems Apache is hard wired to like only the index.html and no sub folders. Is there a way to get that working?

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Make a new folder under ~me/Sites/ and see if that folder is accessible.

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Permissions have been changed, you could chown or chmod the folder and files to get them back to being readable..
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Look at the Sharing panel within System Preferences and make sure that File Sharing is turned on and that "Everyone" can Read your Sites folder..
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I don't full understand your question.

However, from experience I know that Apache on OS X can be a pain.

You could dodge the problem and use XAMPP or MAMP instead..


I ran chmod -R 777 Sites and that solved it..

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