HTTPS C# Post?

HTTPS C# Post?

I am trying to login to a HTTPS website and then navigate to download a report using c# (its an xml report) ?

I have managed to login OK via cookies/headers etc - but whenever I navigate to the link once logged in, my connection takes me to the "logged out" page ?

Anyone know what would cause this ?

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Make sure the CookieContainer you use for your login is the same one you use when downloading the actual report..
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var cookies = new CookieContainer(); var wr1 = (HttpWebRequest) HttpWebRequest.Create(url1); wr1.CookieContainer = cookies; // do login here with wr1  var wr2 = (HttpWebRequest) HttpWebRequest.Create(url2); wr2.CookieContainer = cookies; // get the report with wr2 

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It can be any number of reasons.

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Did you pass in the cookie to the download request? Did you pass a referrer URL?.
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The best way to check is to record a working HTTP request with Wireshark or any number of Firefox extensions or Fiddler.. Then try to recreate the request in C#.

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