access an integer and string globally in iphone?

access an integer and string globally in iphone?

i want to access a integer and a string from a class to all the other classes? what is the best way to do it? i want to increase the values any where in the program and then want to update them in the class declared....

any idea how to achieve this???

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Here's a question (and good answers) about singletons..
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You could also use the app delegate, as frankodwyer suggested, and access it from anywhere using:.
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id delegate = [[UIApplication sharedApplication] delegate]; 
For ease of use and type safety I use a category like this:.
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// put his in your delegate header file @interface UIApplication(MyAppAdditions) + (MyAppDelegate*)sharedDelegate; @end  // put his in your delegate implementation file @implementation UIApplication(MyAppAdditions) + (MyAppDelegate*)sharedDelegate {     return (MyAppDelegate*)[[self sharedApplication] delegate]; } @end 
Now you can access your app delegate from everywhere: [UIApplication sharedDelegate].
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You could make the integer and string properties of your app delegate and pass references to the delegate around to your views.

I do something like this myself, though to be honest it is a pain and also a little error prone to make the app delegate available to all the views.. Or (and this is probably better), you could declare a singleton class (google the singleton pattern) as one of your data classes, and have your integer/string be properties of that.

Then you could access the getters/setters of your singleton from anywhere in your program.

You will need to take extra care if you have multiple threads however,.

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