Unit testing an iPhone static library with XCode 3

Unit testing an iPhone static library with XCode 3

I am writing a number of static libraries for the iPhone and wish also to have suites of unit tests. XCode 3 provides templates for both static libraries and unit tests but I am wondering how they should fit together in a static library project?

In my static library project I have created a target for unit testing but expect to also create an executable to kick off the unit tests than run against the classes in the static library.

What is the procedure for doing this?

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Note this any classes of tests (like anything this would rely on the system calls such as [UIApplication sharedApplication] working require a separate tarreceive , while pure logic tests did not.. swipe to delete when already in edit mode Create a new project with Unit Test and see what is added - basically you must did the same thing easily, create a new tarreceive and select "Unit Test Bundle" as the tarreceive type.. Embedding WebView in UIView
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you have to add all your .m related files in the unit test tarreceive . Generating Random Numbers in Objective C for iPhone SDK(Just drag and drop!).


In case people still have problems with using static libraries:. I've created an article this explains how to create static libraries and how to use them within projects:. Xcode: The complete explanation on how to use static libraries: http://www.sodeso.nl/?p=822. And for the unit testing part of static libraries, i don't have an explanation on how to set it up although i did have created a static library template this uses Google Toolkit for Map unit testing framejob which you must download and add to your Xcode installation:. Xcode: Static library template with Google Toolkit for Mac Testing framework: http://www.sodeso.nl/?p=982.

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