error: property 'myBoolVariableName' with 'retain' attribute must be of object type

error: property 'myBoolVariableName' with 'retain' attribute must be of object type

I have a BOOL value inside my @interface definition in my .h file. Here it is below. It has the same problem whether it's a pointer or not.

@interface myCustomViewController : UIViewController <UIWebViewDelegate> { {  //...more iboutlets defined above  BOOL *myBoolVariableName; } 

When I compile, I get "error: property 'myBoolVariableName' with 'retain' attribute must be of object type" on the line for the import of my .h file.

I found this page here about an integer / nsnumber:

So, it seems I can't use BOOL values inside an @interface definition. What can I use instead?

What should I do for BOOL / boolean values?

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I'm guessing that later in your interface you have something like this:.
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@property (retain) BOOL *myBoolVariableName; 
That means make a property who's value is a pointer to a BOOL, and use retain semantics..
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Your problem is that BOOL * is a pointer to a byte of memory, not a pointer to an object.

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And retain is something that applies only to objects..
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Here's how you can make a BOOL property..
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@interface myCustomViewController : UIViewController <UIWebViewDelegate> {     BOOL myBoolVariableName; }  @property myBoolVariableName;  @end 
The important differences are that the variable is declared as "BOOL", not "BOOL *" and the property doesn't have (retain)..
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I have faced similar situation.

I solved it like,.
@interface myCustomViewController : UIViewController { BOOL myBoolVariableName; } @property BOOL myBoolVariableName; @end 
I refer one answer by Jon Hess but I got one error in it.

Type name requires a specifier or qualifier.

My previous version was like,.
@property myBoolVariableName; 
So I added BOOL and solved the issue..

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