RegExKitLite Expression Question

RegExKitLite Expression Question

I'm having trouble coming up with an RegExKitLite expression that will match. I'm parsing a string and I want it to grab everything till it comes upon the first occurrence of a colon

What would be the expression in RegExKitLite to do that?


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This regex will match everything from the start until (but excluding) the first colon:.
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To include the first colon is as simple as putting it on the end:.
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So, to use either of those with RegexKitLite, you can do:.
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NSString * firstItem = [someString stringByMatching:@"^[^:]*" capture:0]; 
Note how there is no parentheses - since * is greedy you can simply use the negated class and use captured group 0 (i.e.

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the whole match).

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It's worth noting that most languages will include functions that allow you to do this with a regular function, for example ListFirst(MyString,':') or MyString.split(':')[0]. I suspect Objective-C has something similar to this ...

yep, see here.
NSString *string = @"oop:ack:bork:greeble:ponies"; NSArray *chunks = [string componentsSeparatedByString: @":"]; 


To do this specifically with RegexKitLite, you'll need to do the following:. Add the RegexKitLite.h/.m files to your project. Import RegexKitLite.h into the file where you need to use regular expressions. Use the following to grab the stuff before the colon:.
NSString * everythingBeforeTheColon = [someString stringByMatching:@"([^:]*):" capture:1]; 


I just updated my SO answer here, so I figured I'd use that to benchmark the standard foundation componentsSeparatedByString: and RegexKitLites componentsSeparatedByRegex:.

The line of code inside the for() loop for each was (essentially):.
NSString *string = @"oop:ack:bork:greeble:ponies"; for() { NSArray *chunks = [string componentsSeparatedByString: @":"]; } for() { NSArray *chunks = [string componentsSeparatedByRegex: @":"]; } 
Times returned were (time is in microseconds per operation):.
componentsSeparatedByString: 3.96810us componentsSeparatedByRegex:  2.46155us 
EDIT:. I thought I'd go one better: How to use RegexKitLite to create a NSArray of NSArrays from a string containing multiple lines of colon separated data (ie, /etc/passwd).

Modified from the comma separated value example in the RegexKitLite documentation.

When finished, the variable splitLinesArray contains the finished product..
NSString   *theString  = @"a:b:c\n1:2:3\nX:Y:Z\n"; // An example string to work on. 

NSArray *linesArray = [theString componentsSeparatedByRegex:@"(?:\r\n|[\n\v\f\r\\x85\\p{Zl}\\p{Zp}])"]; id splitLines[[linesArray count]]; NSUInteger splitLinesIndex = 0UL; for(NSString *lineString in linesArray) { splitLines[splitLinesIndex++] = [lineString componentsSeparatedByRegex:@":"]; } NSArray *splitLinesArray = [NSArray arrayWithObjects:splitLines count:splitLinesIndex];

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