Is there any command to toggle enable auto text wrapping?

Is there any command to toggle enable auto text wrapping?

By default, I think my vimrc setttings enable the auto-wrapping. However, sometimes, I would like to see text lines are not wrapped. Is there any command I toggle the text line wrapping enabled and disabled? This would avoid me to exit and to change settings.

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I think what you want is:.
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:set wrap! 
This will toggle line wrapping..
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More about using ! (bang) to alter commands can be found at:.
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:help :_! 

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In your vimrc, create a function such as this:.
:function ToggleWrap() : if (&wrap == 1) :   set nowrap : else :   set wrap : endif :endfunction 
Then map a key (such as F9) to call this function, like so:.
map <F9> :call ToggleWrap()<CR> map! <F9> ^[:call ToggleWrap()<CR> 
Whenever you press F9, it should toggle your wrapping on and off..


:set nowrap 
There is also the linebreak option that controls whether wrapped text is broken at word boundaries or not..


The quickref suggests (no)wrap.

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