how to print std::map value in gdb

how to print std::map value in gdb

I have a std::map< std::string, std::string> cont;

I want to see cont[ "some_key" ] in gdb. When I'm trying

p cont[ "some_ket" ]

I'm getting this message: One of the arguments you tried to pass to operator[] could not be converted to what the function wants.

I'm using GNU gdb Red Hat Linux ( Thanks

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The latest gdb has python support baked in so one could easily write a function to print out the contents of any stl structure.

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However you'd have to learn the API and write the script.

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Luckily gcc 4.5 will ship with the needed python scripts to get gdb to intelligently handle stl data structures..
compile with -ansi -pedantic -Wall switches automatically with gcc
EDIT: you don't have to wait for GCC 4.5 (which by the way has already been released), you can just grab the code from SVN..
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You can write your own dump functions and call them:.
(gdb) call dump(m) 
see this thread: I'm curious about the GDB helper macros..


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