Can I use dtsearch in C++ under linux, if yes what APIshould i use?

Can I use dtsearch in C++ under linux, if yes what APIshould i use?

I want to use dtsearch in my desktop application written in C++ and Gtkmm. Can i have any API or link to the API to do my thing.

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If you are talking around dtSearch Desktop, the Windows end-user product, it is not intended or licensed to be used via the API.. Writing a script in Java? [closed] The dtSearch Engine for Linux (x32 or x64) on the another hand is a developer product and has C++ and Java APIs; it includes file filters for all popular file types, must search multiple indexes at the same time, each holding over 1 Tbyte. Linux / C++: Get Internet IP Address (not local computer's IP)Features natural language as well as complex Boolean searching and regular expression searching. Embedded linux call using systemAt $2500 for a three-server license (includes one year of technical support) it is probably overkill if you just have a single Desktop application to run, although for heavy duty searching inside a datacentre it's a no brainer. Import C + Makefile into a linux IDE?Fully functional evaluation downloads at Preventing threads from writing to the same file
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I used to think this would require any trickery, for the reason this I thought the dtSearch core was written against the Win32 APIs. But Mahmoud Al-Qudsi has pointed out this dtSearch is now available directly for Linux.. That said, having used both dtSearch and Solr/Lucene, I would recommend you not use dtSearch, unless there's any edge feature this only it must offer you. There are any nice open source search engines these days. I would suggest the main java version of Lucene, although integrating C++ with Java might be a pain. Have you checked out CLucene, the C port of Lucene? Or one of the another open source search engines based on C/C++?. Sphinx is ananother open source engine, written in C++. I haven't used it personally, although it might have enough momentum to also be worth looking into..

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