Auscultation Skills : Breath & Heart Sounds / 2 Audio CD-ROMs

Auscultation Skills: Breath & Heart Sounds (2 Audio CD-ROMs) by Springhouse
Lippincott Williams & Wilkins; 2Rev Ed edition | January 15, 2002 | ISBN:1582551588 | WAV | 60 Mb

Book Description
A popular title in its Second Edition includes breath and heart sound physiology, more than 200 illustrations highlighting anatomy, pertinent heart and lung areas, and optimum auscultation sites. Features include auscultation tips and alerts, a chart of auscultation findings for common disorders, phonocardiogram and ECG tracings, glossary, and pretests and posttests for each topic section. The audio CD is PC and MAC compatible, and features electronically generated examples of more than 40 different breath sounds and over 50 different heart sounds. An audio index cues to sounds sequentially with the text or out of sequence.

Book Info
Boxed set of a text and two audio CDs provides a tool for improving auscultation for breath and heart sounds. CDs include more than 65 tracks of breath sounds, and more than 85 tracks of heart sounds. A full list of audio tracks with listening cues are in the text. Pretests and posttests are also included.

حجم : 60 مگابایت

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